Number: 303 Hubble Telescope Achievements <desc> Description: Identify positive accomplishments of the Hubble telescope since it was launched in 1991. <narr> Narrative: Documents are relevant that show the Hubble telescope has produced new data, better quality data than previously available, data that has increased human knowledge of the universe, or data that has led to disproving previously existing theories or hypotheses. Documents limited to the shortcomings of the telescope would be irrelevant. Details of repairs or modifications to the telescope without reference to positive achievements would not be relevant. </top> <top> <num> Number: 307 <title> New Hydroelectric Projects <desc> Description: Identify hydroelectric projects proposed or under construction by country and location. Detailed description of nature, extent, purpose, problems, and consequences is desirable. <narr> Narrative: Relevant documents would contain as a minimum a clear statement that a hydroelectric project is planned or construction is under way and the location of the project. Renovation of existing facilities would be judged not relevant unless plans call for a significant increase in acre-feet or reservoir or a marked change in the environmental impact of the project. Arguments for and against proposed projects are relevant as long as they are supported by specifics, including as a minimum the name or location of the project. A statement that an individual or organization is for or against such projects in general would not be relevant. Proposals or projects underway to dismantle existing facilities or drain existing reservoirs are not relevant, nor are articles reporting a decision to drop a proposed plan. </top> <top> <num> Number: 310 <title> Radio Waves and Brain Cancer <desc> Description: Evidence that radio waves from radio towers or car phones affect brain cancer occurrence. <narr> Narrative: Persons living near radio towers and more recently persons using car phones have been diagnosed with brain cancer. The argument rages regarding the direct association of one with the other. The incidence of cancer among the groups cited is considered, by some, to be higher than that found in the normal population. A relevant document includes any experiment with animals, statistical study, articles, news items which report on the incidence of brain cancer being higher/lower/same as those persons who live near a radio tower and those using car phones as compared to those in the general population. </top> <top> <num> Number: 314 <title> Marine Vegetation <desc> Description: Commercial harvesting of marine vegetation such as algae, seaweed and kelp for food and drug purposes. <narr> Narrative: Recent research has shown that marine vegetation is a valuable source of both food (human and animal) and a potentially useful drug. This search will focus primarily on these two uses. Also to be considered relevant would be instances of other possible commercial uses such as fertilizer, etc. </top> <top> <num> Number: 322 <title> International Art Crime <desc> Description: Isolate instances of fraud or embezzlement in the international art trade. <narr> Narrative: A relevant document is any report that identifies an instance of fraud or embezzlement in the international buying or selling of art objects. Objects include paintings, jewelry, sculptures and any other valuable works of art. Specific instances must be identified for a document to be relevant; generalities are not relevant. </top> <top> <num> Number: 325 <title> Cult Lifestyles <desc> Description: Describe a cult by name and identify the cult members' activities in their everyday life. <narr> Narrative: A relevant document would include the name of the cult and offer information about the members' lifestyles. It may include how they dress or what they do to attain the ultimate goal of the organization. A relevant document may tell what they eat or how they contribute to the cult. Just the mention of the existence of a cult by name with no other clarifying information would not be relevant. </top> <top> <num> Number: 330 <title> Iran-Iraq Cooperation <desc> Description: This query is looking for examples of cooperation or friendly ties between Iran and Iraq, or ways in which the two countries could be considered allies. <narr> Narrative: A relevant document would mention such things as mutually beneficial economic, military, religious, or social relations; cooperation on border control or treatment of minorities; collaboration in getting around trade sanctions placed upon either country, etc. (Any mention of the possible return of the airplanes Iraq flew to Iran during the Gulf War would also be relevant). </top> <top> <num> Number: 336 <title> Black Bear Attacks <desc> Description: A relevant document would discuss the frequency of vicious black bear attacks worldwide and the possible causes for this savage behavior. <narr> Narrative: It has been reported that food or cosmetics sometimes attract hungry black bears, causing them to viciously attack humans. Relevant documents would include the aforementioned causes as well as speculation preferably from the scientific community as to other possible causes of vicious attacks by black bears. A relevant document would also detail steps taken or new methods devised by wildlife officials to control and/or modify the savageness of the black bear. </top> <top> <num> Number: 341 <title> Airport Security <desc> Description: A relevant document would discuss how effective government orders to better scrutinize passengers and luggage on international flights and to step up screening of all carry-on baggage has been. <narr> Narrative: A relevant document would contain reports on what new steps airports worldwide have taken to better scrutinize passengers and their luggage on international flights and to step up screening of all carry-on baggage. With the increase in international terrorism and in the wake of the TWA Flight 800 disaster, articles on airport security relating in particular to additional steps taken by airports to increase flight safety would be relevant. The mere mention of enhanced security does not constitute relevance. Additional steps refer to something beyond just passenger and carry-on screening using the normal methods. Examples of new steps would be additional personnel, sophisticated monitoring and screening devices, and extraordinary measures to check luggage in the baggage compartment. </top> <top> <num> Number: 344 <title> Abuses of E-Mail <desc> Description: The availability of E-mail to many people through their job or school affiliation has allowed for many efficiencies in communications but also has provided the opportunity for abuses. What steps have been taken world-wide by those bearing the cost of E-mail to prevent excesses? <narr> Narrative: To be relevant, a document will concern dissatisfaction by an entity paying for the cost of electronic mail. Particularly sought are items which relate to system users (such as employees) who abuse the system by engaging in communications of the type not related to the payer's desired use of the system. </top> <top> <num> Number: 345 <title> Overseas Tobacco Sales <desc> Description: Health studies primarily in the U.S. have caused reductions in tobacco sales here, but the economic impact has caused U.S. tobacco companies to look overseas for customers. What impact have the health and economic factors had overseas? <narr> Narrative: To be relevant, an item will discuss either an increase or decrease in the sales of U.S. tobacco products overseas, and attribute this to health findings or more aggressive marketing by U.S. companies or the foreign companies they own or cooperate with. </top> <top> <num> Number: 347 <title> Wildlife Extinction <desc> Description: The spotted owl episode in America highlighted U.S. efforts to prevent the extinction of wildlife species. What is not well known is the effort of other countries to prevent the demise of species native to their countries. What other countries have begun efforts to prevent such declines? <narr> Narrative: A relevant item will specify the country, the involved species, and steps taken to save the species. </top> <top> <num> Number: 353 <title> Antarctica exploration <desc> Description: Identify systematic explorations and scientific investigations of Antarctica, current or planned. <narr> Narrative: Documents discussing the following issues are relevant: - systematic explorations and scientific investigations of Antarctica (e.g., seismology, ionospheric physics, possible economic development) - other research currently conducted or planned for the future - banning of mineral mining Documents discussing tourism are non-relevant. Documents discussing "disrupting scientific experiments" are non-relevant unless a specific experiment is identified. </top> <top> <num> Number: 354 <title> journalist risks <desc> Description: Identify instances where a journalist has been put at risk (e.g., killed, arrested or taken hostage) in the performance of his work. <narr> Narrative: Any document identifying an instance where a journalist or correspondent has been killed, arrested or taken hostage in the performance of his work is relevant. </top> <top> <num> Number: 362 <title> human smuggling <desc> Description: Identify incidents of human smuggling. <narr> Narrative: A relevant document shows an incident of humans (at least ten) being smuggled. The smugglers would have to realize a monetary gain for their actions, while the people being smuggled may or may not be willing participants. </top> <top> <num> Number: 363 <title> transportation tunnel disasters <desc> Description: What disasters have occurred in tunnels used for transportation? <narr> Narrative: A relevant document identifies a disaster in a tunnel used for trains, motor vehicles, or people. Wind tunnels and tunnels used for wiring, sewage, water, oil, etc. are not relevant. The cause of the problem may be fire, earthquake, flood, or explosion and can be accidental or planned. Documents that discuss tunnel disasters occurring during construction of a tunnel are relevant if lives were threatened. </top> <top> <num> Number: 367 <title> piracy <desc> Description: What modern instances have there been of old fashioned piracy, the boarding or taking control of boats? <narr> Narrative: Documents discussing piracy on any body of water are relevant. Documents discussing the legal taking of ships or their contents by a national authority are non-relevant. Clashes between fishing vessels over fishing are not relevant, unless one vessel is boarded. </top> <top> <num> Number: 372 <title> Native American casino <desc> Description: Identify documents that discuss the growth of Native American casino gambling. <narr> Narrative: Relevant documents include discussions regarding Native American casino gambling: its social implications, effects on local and Native American economies, and legal aspects related to Native American tribal autonomy. </top> <top> <num> Number: 374 <title> Nobel prize winners <desc> Description: Identify and provide background information on Nobel prize winners. <narr> Narrative: At a minimum, relevant documents must contain the following information: year of Nobel prize award, field of study, and recipients name. When the document announces what is obviously a current award, no year is required. </top> <top> <num> Number: 375 <title> hydrogen energy <desc> Description: What is the status of research on hydrogen as a feasible energy source? <narr> Narrative: A relevant document will describe progress in research on controlled hydrogen fusion or the use of hydrogen as fuel to power engines. </top> <top> <num> Number: 378 <title> euro opposition <desc> Description: Identify documents that discuss opposition to the introduction of the euro, the European currency. <narr> Narrative: A relevant document should include the countries or individuals who oppose the use of the euro and the reason(s) for their opposition to its use. </top> <top> <num> Number: 383 <title> mental illness drugs <desc> Description: Identify drugs used in the treatment of mental illness. <narr> Narrative: A relevant document will include the name of a specific or generic type of drug. Generalities are not relevant. </top> <top> <num> Number: 389 <title> illegal technology transfer <desc> Description: What specific entities have been accused of illegal technology transfer such as: selling their products, formulas, etc. directly or indirectly to foreign entities for other than peaceful purposes? <narr> Narrative: To be relevant, a selected document must specifically identify a person, company, or governmental entity which provided articles useful for hostile purposes to entities outside of their own country and such provision violated the laws of the provider's country. </top> <top> <num> Number: 393 <title> mercy killing <desc> Description: Identify documents that discuss mercy killings. <narr> Narrative: All individual cases of mercy killing are relevant, except that "letters to the editor" mentioning cases are not relevant. The removal of life support systems is relevant. A general mention or description of a case without specifics, such as victim's name are not relevant. Cases determined to be a murder-suicide are not relevant. </top> <top> <num> Number: 394 <title> home schooling <desc> Description: Identify documents that discuss the education of children at home (home schooling). <narr> Narrative: A relevant document would contain any data on the education of children in a home environment. Included could be data on where, by whom, community acceptance, and successes. Additional data on programs aiding the education of disadvantaged children in an away-from-school environment such as mobile vehicle classrooms would be considered as home schooling and are therefore relevant. </top> <top> <num> Number: 397 <title> automobile recalls <desc> Description: Identify documents that discuss the reasons for automobile recalls. <narr> Narrative: A relevant document will specify major or minor reasons for automobile recalls by car manufacturers. Documents that discuss truck recalls are not relevant. </top> <top> <num> Number: 399 <title> oceanographic vessels <desc> Description: Identify documents that discuss the activities or equipment of oceanographic vessels. <narr> Narrative: Relevant documents will contain information on the activity of oceanographic vessels regardless of nationality. Such items as undersea mapping, monitoring global warming, marine environmental monitoring and the use of deep sea robots to search for sunken ships are relevant to oceanography activity. Also relevant are such actions as using the vessel for research and development of new equipment or exploring oceanic resources. Any reference to equipment in use aboard an oceanographic vessel is relevant. Documents that identify a vessel as a survey ship which is involved in oceanographic activity is also relevant. </top> <top> <num> Number: 401 <title> foreign minorities, Germany <desc> Description: What language and cultural differences impede the integration of foreign minorities in Germany? <narr> Narrative: A relevant document will focus on the causes of the lack of integration in a significant way; that is, the mere mention of immigration difficulties is not relevant. Documents that discuss immigration problems unrelated to Germany are also not relevant. </top> <top> <num> Number: 404 <title> Ireland, peace talks <desc> Description: How often were the peace talks in Ireland delayed or disrupted as a result of acts of violence? <narr> Narrative: Any interruptions to the peace process not directly attributable to acts of violence are not relevant. </top> <top> <num> Number: 408 <title> tropical storms <desc> Description: What tropical storms (hurricanes and typhoons) have caused significant property damage and loss of life? <narr> Narrative: The date of the storm, the area affected, and the extent of damage/casualties are all of interest. Documents that describe the damage caused by a tropical storm as "slight", "limited", or "small" are not relevant. </top> <top> <num> Number: 409 <title> legal, Pan Am, 103 <desc> Description: What legal actions have resulted from the destruction of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland, on December 21, 1988? <narr> Narrative: Documents describing any charges, claims, or fines presented to or imposed by any court or tribunal are relevant, but documents that discuss charges made in diplomatic jousting are not relevant. </top> <top> <num> Number: 416 <title> Three Gorges Project <desc> Description: What is the status of The Three Gorges Project? <narr> Narrative: A relevant document will provide the projected date of completion of the project, its estimated total cost, or the estimated electrical output of the the finished project. Discussions of the social, political, or ecological impact of the project are not relevant. </top> <top> <num> Number: 419 <title> recycle, automobile tires <desc> Description: What new uses have been developed for old automobile tires as a means of tire recycling? <narr> Narrative: A relevant document must show advantageous uses of recycled tires, such as: destructive distillation of scrap rubber for valuable chemicals, reef building for fish habitats, filler or binder in asphalt roadway mixes, and burning in a controlled environment for heat generation. </top> <top> <num> Number: 426 <title> law enforcement, dogs <desc> Description: Provide information on the use of dogs worldwide for law enforcement purposes. <narr> Narrative: Relevant items include specific information on the use of dogs during an operation. Training of dogs and their handlers are also relevant. </top> <top> <num> Number: 427 <title> UV damage, eyes <desc> Description: Find documents that discuss the damage ultraviolet (UV) light from the sun can do to eyes. <narr> Narrative: A relevant document will discuss diseases that result from exposure of the eyes to UV light, treatments for the damage, and/or education programs that help prevent damage. Documents discussing treatment methods for cataracts and ocular melanoma are relevant even when a specific cause is not mentioned. However, documents that discuss radiation damage from nuclear sources or lasers are not relevant. </top> <top> <num> Number: 433 <title> Greek, philosophy, stoicism <desc> Description: Is there contemporary interest in the Greek philosophy of stoicism? <narr> Narrative: Actual references to the philosophy or philosophers, productions of Greek stoic plays, and new "stoic" artistic productions are all relevant. </top> <top> <num> Number: 435 <title> curbing population growth <desc> Description: What measures have been taken worldwide and what countries have been effective in curbing population growth? <narr> Narrative: A relevant document must describe an actual case in which population measures have been taken and their results are known. The reduction measures must have been actively pursued; that is, passive events such as disease or famine involuntarily reducing the population are not relevant. </top> <top> <num> Number: 436 <title> railway accidents <desc> Description: What are the causes of railway accidents throughout the world? <narr> Narrative: A relevant document provides data on railway accidents of any sort (i.e., locomotive, trolley, streetcar) where either the railroad system or the vehicle or pedestrian involved caused the accident. Documents that discuss railroading in general, new rail lines, new technology for safety, and safety and accident prevention are not relevant, unless an actual accident is described. </top> <top> <num> Number: 439 <title> inventions, scientific discoveries <desc> Description: What new inventions or scientific discoveries have been made? <narr> Narrative: The word "new" in the description is defined as occurring in the 1990s. Documents that indicate a "recent" invention or scientific discovery are considered relevant. Discoveries made in astronomy or any scientific discoveries that are not patentable are not relevant. </top> <top> <num> Number: 443 <title> U.S., investment, Africa <desc> Description: What is the extent of U.S. (government and private) investment in sub-Saharan Africa? <narr> Narrative: All references to U.S. Governmental and private assistance to sub-Saharan Africa are relevant. Documents discussing contributions by reason of U.S. membership in international aid organizations are also relevant. </top> <top> <num> Number: 448 <title> ship losses <desc> Description: Identify instances in which weather was a main or contributing factor in the loss of a ship at sea. <narr> Narrative: Any ship loss due to weather is relevant, either in international or coastal waters. </top> <top> <num> Number: 622 <title> price fixing <desc> Description: Identify companies or corporations that have been accused or indicted of price fixing including the product or type of product involved. <narr> Narrative: Relevant documents must contain both the company and the product involved. Documents about price fixing by the stock market are not relevant. </top> <top> <num> Number: 625 <title> arrests bombing WTC <desc> Description: Identify documents that provide information on the arrest and/or conviction of the bombers of the World Trade Center (WTC) in February 1993. <narr> Narrative: A relevant document must contain information about an arrest or conviction related to the bombing. Simple claims of involvement are not relevant. </top> <top> <num> Number: 638 <title> wrongful convictions <desc> Description: Find documents that discuss freed prisoners who have been wrongfully convicted based on faulty forensic evidence, poor police work, or false testimony. <narr> Narrative: Documents about political prisoners who were freed because of incompetent prosecutions are relevant. However, documents that discuss prisoners who are pardoned or released on bond when their convictions are overturned are not relevant, nor are documents about prisoners freed to make a political statement or prisoners freed for an exchange. </top> <top> <num> Number: 639 <title> consumer on-line shopping <desc> Description: What factors contributed to the growth of consumer on-line shopping? <narr> Narrative: A relevant document will describe a factor that has contributed to the increase use of on-line shopping by consumers. Documents containing statistical data supporting a growth factor are also relevant. </top> <top> <num> Number: 648 <title> family leave law <desc> Description: Identify documents that discuss details of a family leave law, such as how long, compensation, if any, for what reason allowed, etc. <narr> Narrative: A relevant document must contain some detail about a family leave law to be relevant. The mere mention of the existence of such a law is not relevant. </top> <top> <num> Number: 650 <title> tax evasion indicted <desc> Description: Identify individuals or corporations that have been indicted on charges of tax evasion of more than two million dollars in the U.S. or U.K. <narr> Narrative: A relevant document will contain details about large-scale tax evasion. Documents about people who lost in excess of two million dollars as a result of doing business with an organization indicted for tax fraud are relevant. </top> <top> <num> Number: 651 <title> U.S. ethnic population <desc> Description: How is the ethnic make-up of the U.S. population changing? <narr> Narrative: Documents must indicate a shift in the ethnic make-up of the U.S. population. </top> <top> <num> Number: 658 <title> teenage pregnancy <desc> Description: Find documents that discuss teenage pregnancy in the United States: the birth rate for teenage mothers, causes and results of teenage pregnancies, and steps taken to reduce the number of teenage pregnancies. <narr> Narrative: Relevant documents will discuss teenage pregnancy in the United States. Also relevant is information on teenage abortions. </top> <top> <num> Number: 689 <title> family-planning aid <desc> Description: To which countries does the U.S. provide aid to support family planning, and for which countries has the U.S. refused or limited support? <narr> Narrative: Relevant documents indicate where U.S. aid supports family planning or where such aid has been denied. Discussions of why aid for family planning has been refused are also relevant. Documents that mention U.S. aid to countries, but not specifically for family planning are not relevant. Descriptions of funds for family planning in the U.S. itself are not relevant. </top>