Number: TD1 mining gold silver coal Description: What can be learned about the location of mines in the U.S., about the extent of mineral resources, and about careers in the mining industry? Number: TD2 juvenile delinquency Description: What are rates of juvenile crime in various jurisdictions, what is the nature of the offenses, how are they punished and what measures are taken for prevention? Number: TD3 Lewis and Clark expedition Description: What are some useful sites containing information about the historic Lewis and Clark expedition? Number: TD4 wireless communications Description: Information on existing and planned uses, research/technology, regulations and legislative interest Number: TD5 pest control safety Description: Where can I obtain information about safe means of pest control? Number: TD6 physical therapists Description: How can I obtain information about training, licensing, and skills needed for physical therapists? Number: TD7 cotton industry Description: Where can I find information about growing, harvesting cotton and turning it into cloth? Number: TD8 computer viruses Description: Computer viruses information Number: TD9 genealogy searches Description: How would I begin a genealogy search of my family? Number: TD10 Physical Fitness Description: Information on Physical Fitness Number: TD11 folk art folk music Description: What are sources for information about US folk art and folk music? Number: TD12 legalization of marijuana Description: Where can I locate information on the pros and cons of legalizing marijuana? Number: TD13 Schizophrenia Description: What is it? Number: TD14 Agricultural biotechnology Description: Information about agricultural biotechnology Number: TD15 cell phones Description: What does the government say about cell phone use? Number: TD16 Emergency and disaster preparedness assistance Description: Find information about local, state and national organizations and programs Number: TD17 Polygraphs Description: Need information on polygraphs and polygraph exams including the requirement to take such exams. Number: TD18 Shipwrecks Description: Where can I get information on shipwrecks? Number: TD19 Cybercrime, internet fraud, and cyber fraud Description: Information on cyber crime, internet fraud, and cyber fraud Number: TD20 children's literature Description: What can I find out about literature written for children? Number: TD21 cartography Description: cartography overview Number: TD22 Veteran's Benefits Description: Seeking information on veteran's benefits Number: TD23 Photography Description: I need information on photography. Number: TD24 Air Bag Safety Description: Information on the success of air bags in reducing injuries/death; facts concerning the use of air bags and how they work. Number: TD25 death penalty Description: What are the costs and quality of defense in death penalty cases? What are some arguments against the death penalty? Number: TD26 Nuclear power plants Description: Operational and safety information associated with nuclear power plants. Number: TD27 affirmative action Description: What are the laws/regulations/policies guiding affirmative action for federal agencies? Number: TD28 Early Childhood Education Description: Looking for pages regarding resources, research, Head Start and similar program. Number: TD29 Asbestos Description: Facts about asbestos. Number: TD30 Counterfeit money Description: What sites can one go to to learn about counterfeit money and forgery? Number: TD31 deafness in children Description: childhood deafness, education, communication, audiology. What can we learn about the education or communication of deaf children? Number: TD32 wildlife conservation Description: wildlife conservation-environment protection-endangered species (How do government agencies address wildlife conservation, and strive to further environmental protection and benefit endangered species?) Number: TD33 food safety Description: food safety (what information is available for consumers interested in food safety?) Number: TD34 Literacy Description: What are some pages to search for literacy related topics? Number: TD35 arctic exploration Description: What kinds of exploration of the arctic are underway, especially of glaciers and ice? Number: TD36 global warming Description: What are some causes of global warming or the greenhouse effect and what remedies are proposed to slow the climate change? Number: TD37 coin collecting Description: Coin collecting information? Number: TD38 weather hazards and extremes Description: A study of natural/weather hazards and extremes. Number: TD39 National Public Radio/TV Description: What sites give me information about public radio and TV stations? Number: TD40 North Korea Description: Where can I find basic information about the country of North Korea? Number: TD41 Electric Automobiles Description: Need information regarding the progress in producing/developing electric automobiles. Number: TD42 homelessness Description: What is the prevalence of homelessness and how are government agencies and individuals attempting to combat it? Number: TD43 forest fires Description: Where can I get information about forest fires? Number: TD44 Ozone layer Description: Interested in any information on the ozone layer. Number: TD45 Bicycle trails Description: Where can I find trails that bicyclists can exploit? Number: TD46 infant mortality Description: What are the current trends in infant mortality and what steps have been taken to reduce infant death rates? Number: TD47 trains/railroads Description: What information is available on train travel, safety, and government support of the industry? Number: TD48 robots Description: What home pages will bring me information on the use of robots? Number: TD49 Bilingual education Description: Looking for home pages on bilingual education. Number: TD50 anthrax Description: Info regarding prevention and treatment of the disease anthrax.